21 mar. 2011

New features of Win ISI 4.3

WinISI version 4.3.0 Update
February 28, 2011
WinISI is now available as a free update to all registered customers that have purchased WinISI 4.0 and higher.
WinISI version 4.3.0 adds complete support for 0.5 nm prediction models. To comply with 0.5 nm spacing instrument types, it is now possible to create a combined prediction model with 0.5 nm, based on data from both 0.5 nm and 2 nm instruments. The combined prediction model can be used on both instrument types.
It is also possible to create a standardisation file for instrument types with 0,5 nm so these can run with 2 nm prediction models.
The following defects / enhancements are also included in 4.3.0:
  • WinISI doesn't dispay all spectra - only the first around 2000 in a dataset containing 3800 spectra.
  • xy scattter plot is wrong and it looks like the calibration is very bad even though it isn't.
  • WinISI monitor will not predict protectected ANN files (ANP) even when dongle  is on pc. Get "You are not authorized to use this equation." message.
  • Monitor: compare predicted and reference using ANN file
  • WinISI "Make and Use scores" crach when working wih large ProFoss files.
  • MONITOR (compare predicted and reference values) crashes after an X-Y plot on files with missing data.
  • MONITOR does not save results correctly as .DAT file when predicing > 10,000 samples.
  • GraphISI crashes after plot-all with 2 segment (6500) spectra
  • Local (new) - very slow on large files compared to 16 bit version
  • Dicriminate abort doesn't work.
  • Fileview - when there are three files open, the SELECT PROMPT does not show (neither in background)
  • Not possible to convert IX .cal files into NSAS format
  • FILEVIEW gives incorrect values for SD when computing RMS of subsamples.
  • Importing constituent data from a text file in FILEVIEW fails if the text file has more than 32767 lines.
  • Sorting in FILEVIEW does not work properly with deleted samples
  • When MONITOR compares two ANL files with moisture basis as-received, it still tries to force a moisture correction.
  • Several problems in FILEVIEW displaying MLR equations
  • WinISI 4 needs an existing c:\temp or else certain programs will not run
  • FI WinISI manager - CSV file from FT120 with no wet chemistry
  • FI WinISI manger - Sample IDs assigened when converting FSS files
  • When comparing predicted and reference values in MONITOR with a .RED file, the predicted values are somethines all red, as if they were T outliers.
  • XY plot in GRAPHISI does not match samples from two files correctly if all sample numbers are identical or missing and some samples are missing from one file
  • Clipboard output from MONITOR does not include tabs, which would be nice for EXCEL.
  • Sample numbers do not sort properly when the number of digits varies.
  • Large values are not separated by a delimiter in .DAT output in MONITOR

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