19 abr. 2017

How to load a REP file in a MOSAIC LOCAL Prediction Model

If we use the MONITOR in Win ISI or a LOCAL Prediction Model in ISI Scan, there is a field to load the REP file (is a ".nir" which include the variation we want to minimize in the model, like the temperature, differences between instruments, differences between the pathlengths of the gold reflectors,….). This way the LOCAL uses the REP file when developing the calibration.

In MOSAIC the REP file must be load in a different way.

As usual we load the ".RED" file, reduced with the appropriate math-treatment, we set the maximum and minimum number of factors and samples,...., but where I load the repeatability file (.NIR) .

😏...Easy but tricky.

Rename the extension from the repeatability file from ".NIR" to ".REP", and give to this file the same name than the ".RED" file; put them both in the same folder. Now when you import the ".RED" file to the LOCAL Prediction Model, the ".REP" file will go with it. Just check it on the Links tab of the LOCAL P.M.
As you know something similar happens when whe load a ".EQA" and load also the ".PCA" and ".LIB" files

Thanks to Montse for testing this feature...😉