24 nov. 2011

Win ISI 4.4 (New update available)

You can download a new version of Win ISI 4 (4.4) that fix the bugs reported in Win ISI 4.3

Os podéis descargar la nueva actualización de Win ISI 4 (la 4.4) que soluciona los problemas reportados en la versión 4.3.


WinISI version Update
November 11, 2011
WinISI 4.4 update includes a new discriminate technique. The algorithm is maximum X-residual and it is fully supported in ISIscan version 4.4.
The maximum X-residual models are saved in files with the extension .DC5. This discriminate techique joins the original 2-block PLS, maximim distance, correlation, Mahalanobis distance, and X-residual methods for maximum flexibility in designing your discriminate analytical system.
WinISI 4.4 update also includes some bug fixes and minor enhancements.
WinISI 4.4 is available as a free upgrade to all licensed users of WinISI 4.

If you want to use the new discriminant method DC5, you need to download the ISI Scan 4.4 also in the Win ISI web page.
Dont forget to make a copy of the DATA folder or a Backup before to update, just in case there are any problems to come back to the previous version.

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