5 nov. 2011

Shoot-out 2008_parte 005

En Shoot-out 2008_parte 004 usamos una ecuación PLS, vamos a probar que pasa con las LOCAL. ¿Mejorará la predicción?.
In Shoot-out 2008_parte 004 we used PLS to develop the equation, now we are to deveop the equation with LOCAL. Will it improve the predictions?.
Minimun number of samples: We can use 75.
Maximun number of samples: We will use Batch Mode (100, 150, 200, 250, 300 and 350).
SEP values are quite similar with 200, 250, 300 and 350.
We can select 200 for our LOCAL model.
Now we have to find the best configuration for "minimun & Máximun numder of factors". Wé will check all along the allowed values (minimun 1, maximun 50):
The best combination found was: Min = 5, Max = 27
We used  SNV-Detrend 1-4-4-1 as Math treatment which it seems to work quite well for this product.
For some reasons (can be explained in a near future if comment are added) when put it into routine statistics change a little bit, and this are the values that we will compare with the other models.

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