23 abr. 2013

Transfering "oil / fat" Database - Transflectance

Today I have the task to transfer a oil/fat database from one instrument to other three instruments. Three of them are the same type and the other (where the database come from) has a different sample presentation (aluminum reflector), but all of them has the same sample presentation mode: "Transflectance".

 It is important to present the samples in the instruments at the same temperature.

Be careful that the sample covers the reflector without bubbles or gaps.

The gold reflectors are 0.1 mm, so the total path length is 0.2 mm. Anyway we must be careful because there are some minimum differences between them, and every instrument must use their respective reflector for the standardization.

These are the spectra of water acquired in the same instrument, but with three different gold reflectors of 0,1 mm.

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