18 abr. 2013

LOCAL: Batch Mode to select Max Number of Samples

When working with LOCAL we have the choice to select the “Minimum Number of Samples” and the “Maximum Number of Samples” to develop the LOCAL calibration. This option can be done with the default option (where we can select the maximum and minimum values), or with the Batch mode where we select the Minimum and create a Batch for the Maximum (in this case 200, 250 and 300). We leave the software running this task and at the end we will get some statistics (SEP, RSQ, Bias…) and the Rank for the best choice for the “Maximum Number of Samples”.
I use a sample set with to check the best option with 213 values for moisture (HD), 238 for ash (CZ), 242 for fat (GB) and 235 for protein (PB).

The DataBase used is PetFood and in the validation set there was sample of different kinds of dogs and cats.

In this example the Best Choice is 300 samples so we can configure the Batch for more samples, just in case we get better statistics.
This is the Lab vs. Predicted plot (for the Validation Set), in the case of Fat (GB) selecting a maximun of 300 samples.

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