14 ene. 2012

NIR: Remote Reflectance Probe

This is a reflectance probe. The probe´s head is placed over the sample (fish, ham,cheese,....). In the video you can see the part of the probe which is in contact with the sample.
1) the sample is acquired: See in the video how the plate with the reference moves out of the path so the ligth comes from the slit into the sample (in this case no sample). Light will interact with the sample and diffuse reflectance goes to the detectors (in both sides of the slit) which are in a special geometry to receive as much diffuse reflectance as possible. The spectrum of the sample is stored (sample file).
2) the reference is acquired: The ceramic moves into the light path (the ceramic  is looking to the slit in the other side of the plate).The spectrum of the reference is stored (reference file).
3)Reflentace is calculated.
3) Log (1/R) file is calculated: log(1/R) = -log (Sample file / Reference file).

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