29 ago. 2012

Variable Selection (Chemometric Video Lecture)

I like to add to this blog all the interesting videos I found on the WWW. These are two nice video lectures about variable selection:

23 ago. 2012

A beginner’s guide to industrial spectroscopic analysis

You can download this interesting technical note titled: A beginner’s guide to industrial spectroscopic analysis from www.goaxiom.com.
There are nice tables which explain the advantages and disadvantages of techniques like MIR, NIR, Raman and UV-VIS, and their applicability to various sample types.

20 ago. 2012

Holidays 2012

I use to add a post every summer about my holidays. This year we stay in Madrid in the Lozoya Valley (not beach this year). It is really a fantastic place where I use to go every weekend I can.
There, I practice my favorite sport "mountain bike" and also "bird watching", and Lozoya Valley  is a fantastic place for bough hobbies.
I use to add a photo about the holidays, this time is about some young birds I capture with my camera. Hope you like: