24 jul. 2013

How it is made: Pet Food

We know the importance of NIR to controil our raw ingredients and the final product, for parameters as protein, fat, ash and moisture. Also the challenge to predict new parameters as cook value, peroxides,...., (see the post: Managing the production of consistent quality pet foods with NIR ). This can be done off-line in the LAB, or at line
Anyway the challenge is to use NIR at the production line (on line), meassuring parameters as the moisture at the output of the dryer in order to stay in constant limits for all our batches.

Managing the production of consistent quality pet foods with NIR

This is an article from Ben Helm, Commercial Manager at Premier Pet Nutrition and published in nirperformance.com.
Apart from the classical parameters  meassured in dry pet food: protein, moisture,ash and fat,  Ben talks about three new pet food NIR innovations;
1: Cook Value
2: Peroxide Value
3: Water activity 
The article talks about the importance to control our raw materials in order to maintain the quality in the batches.
NIR limitations (due to the low level contents: ppb) in parameters as Micotoxines.

19 jul. 2013

Fundamentals: IR vs. Raman

This video from show us the basic differences between Raman Spectroscopy and Infrared Spectroscopy.

12 jul. 2013

PHOTOGRAPHY: Interview to Michael Nichols

He is one of the main Nature photographer worldwide, so this is an amazing interview for all of us who love Nature photography and his pictures.
Exciting the moment when the tiger goes into the water pool and all the effort is compensated.
Amazing all the tips and resorces he use to capture their fantastic pictures.