23 feb. 2012

PCA for NIR Spectra_part 002: "Score planes"

The idea of this post is to compare the score plots for the first 3 principal components obtained with the algorithm “svd” with the scores plot of  other chemometric software (Win ISI in this case). Previously I had exported the yarn spectra to this software.
Let´s first use the command "pairs", to see in “R” the score plots for the first 3 PCs:
> T<-Xc_svd$u %*% diag(Xc_svd$d)
> T3cp<-T[,1:3]
> pairs(T3cp)
I only choose two planes to compare, but the rest of the planes have the same shapes as the calculated with the “”svd” in “R”. (Blue background: Win ISI score planes).

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