21 feb. 2012

Exporting Spectra from "R" to other Softwares

This is a single exercise but it is a good practice to check important points about "Import/Export".
The idea was to export the spectra (Yarn) from R to a TXT file. There are different ways to do it, but I used:
> yarn_NIR<-yarn$NIR
> sink("C:\\yarn_NIR.txt")
> yarn_NIR
> sink()
Now other software like in my case Win ISI, have the option to "Import" this data and convert it into their own formats. We can use other software´s  like Unscrambler, ...., and of course Excel.
I want to work a little bit with this interaction in future posts. We can use other software to treat the spectra with derivatives (1º,2ª,3ª,4ª) or any other treatment, and import it back in R.
This is the Yarn NIR spectra in Win ISI:

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