13 nov. 2017

Bandwidth in the NIR Spectral Region

A question from Gabriela (thanks for your nice words about the blog) about the importance of the  resolution and bandwidth in the NIR instruments, takes me to see the paper from Karl Norris: "Limitations of Instrument Resolution and Noise on Quantitative analysis of Constituents with very Narrow Bandwidth in the NIR Spectral Region".
In this paper Karl Norris conclude that instruments with 10nm bandpass and a good signal to noise level ratio can measure constituents having a bandpass as narrow as 2 nm. It is not necessary to increase the resolution to detect them in case we increase the noise because the quantitative analysis become less accurate.
The experiment has been done with talc (2 nm bandwidth) in Avicel.

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  1. Gracias, lo vamos a revisar, seguimos analizando cual es el equipo que más conviene para el trabajo que realizaremos.