13 oct. 2014

Savitzky Golay filters with Pracma Package

Pracma package has the function "savgol", where we can apply Savitzky Golay filter to a vector (in our case a spectrum).
The function is:
  savgol(T, fl, forder, dorder)

And the Arguments are:
 T... Vector of signals to be filtered.
fl... Filter length (for instance fl = 51..151), has to be odd.
forder... Filter order (2 = quadratic filter, 4 = quartic).
dorder... Derivative order (0 = smoothing, 1 = first der, etc.).

As you know I´m using in my last post the shoot-out 2002 data to develop a tutorial, and I read an article from the winner of this shoot-out where he use the shoot-out spectra with Savitzky Golay, a filter of 11, quartic, and second derivative using the Unscrambler software.
So I try thess values in the arguments of the Pracma SG filter and the results of the bands look exactly the same that the ones in the article, so this option looks good to work with this data. Anyway I will try also with the other functions from other packages.
In the case of the Pracma package we have to use a vector (a single spectrum), so some work has to be done to convert all the matrix of spectra, but the results looks great.


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