5 sept. 2014

Wavelength Diagnostics in R

In the Wavelength diagnostics we compare the spectrum of a certain material (for example polystyrene) in our instrument with the nominal’s supplied by the manufacturer. We compare the peak positions and the difference between the nominal and the found value is what we can call “Delta”.
The manufacturers give us a Delta limit (depending of the instrument) and if the value is out of that limit for any peak the result will be FAIL. This is what we normally call “Accuracy Test”.
In the test we check also the Precision for every peak, calculating the standard deviation for ten repetitions. As for the Delta there are some tolerance limits.
If is important to check the Bandwidth delta and precision value.
This picture shows the table provide by VISION for the Wavelength Test.

 We can play to import this table in R to create a function to calculate the Wavelength diagnostics and to get the same results.

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