2 jul. 2014

Comparing Spectra and Coefficients (Shootout 2002 NIR with R)

We can check the differences between the instruments 1 and 2 more in different ways. One could be to select 5 samples, and compare their spectra scanned in Instrument 1 and scanned in instrument 2. In this case I select from the training set samples 10,20,30,40 and 50.
The samples look like this:
But the best to see the differences, is to substract the spectra, so I made some substractions:

and combined them:
Now we can see the spectra of the differences (quite similar for the 5):
When developing the models (mod 1 and mod 2), we obtain the regression coefficient, which are like a spectra, so we can compare them:
and also substract them:
to obtain some conclussions.

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