8 jun. 2014

UCD: Applications or NIR Hyperspectral Image Analysis.

There are more and more articles about NIR Hyperspectral image analysis, in the specialized NIR magazines, like "NIR News".
It is clear that this technique will become more and more used, so it is time for me to introduce myself in this technique. Fortunally in the last three magazines of "NIR News", there was three articles written by Aoife Gowen (School of Biosystems Engineering ,University College Dublin), with a very nice tutorial about "NIR infrared hyperspectral image analysis using R".
It is great to see that R is becoming more and more recognized in the NIR world, and these articles really help.
Visit the page of  School of Biosystems Engineering ,University College Dublin, where you can find very interesting articles about the use of NIR Hyperspectral Image Analysis.

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