27 may. 2014

Chemometrics in Excel (New Book)

I have ordered this book, and still have to wait some time for it, but I am sure that it will serve as inspiration for future posts in this blog.
I´m sure that this book will be very useful for a lot of students and people interested in Chemometrics, because is written by a good chemometrician and Excel developper:

Alexey L Pomerantsev is a Leading Researcher at The Russian Academy of Science. He is a founding member and Chair of the Russian Chemometrics Society, being instrumental in organizing the annual Winter Symposium on Chemometrics. He is a peer reviewer and member of Editorial Board of the Journal ‘Chemometrics and Intelligent Laboratory Systems.’ Dr. Pomerantsev has over 100 publications, many of them dealing with Chemometric Investigations.

You can see some tutorials here.

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