5 feb. 2014

Analyzing Forage Samples (Advices from Robin Malm)

As Robin says we will get always better results drying the samples, because we can make it more homogeneous, after grinding, anyway there is a bigger need to analyze the forage fresh, to get quicker results and decisions.
When working with fresh forage samples (due to the high moisture content), it is important:
1: Take a representative sample.
2: Homogenize the sample correctly.
3: Place it in a large cup  configured to acquire  different subsamples
4: As soon as you scan the sample, analyze it in the Lab for reference data (the same placed in the large cup) and  link the lab values to the spectra.
5: Include the variability of temperature in the model.Temperature in change along the year, so in this case a repeatibility file can help to make the model more stable to this changes.
6: Of course, the quality of the Lab analysis is very important.

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