25 oct. 2013

Applying "SNV + Detrend" to the spectra with R

Normally Detrend is used together with SNV as a Math treatment to remove the scatter. We have seen in the last post, how to apply Detrend to the spectra using the R package "pracma".
There are other posts in this blog about SNV (standard normal variate), and we can combine them to get the SNV + Detrend math treatment.
First let´s apply the SNV:
wavelengths1<-seq(1,268,by=1)  #para "yarn"
matplot(wavelengths1,yarn_snv,type="l",main="Yarn spectra with +SNV",xlab="Wavelength (nm)",ylab="1/R (log 1/R)",lty=1,col=1)


and now the Detrend:




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