11 feb. 2013

Feed Plant control with NIR

Interesting visit today to a feed plant (VERAVIC) to install a NIR to analyze the vegetable ingredients for feed manufacturing and also the final product.
Thanks to them for let me see the factory that will manufacture feed for their farms. The factory is really modern and the visit allow me to know more in deep the interesting process of feed manufacturing.
To know well the process, is really helpful to see where the NIR technology can help with process instruments.
One of the places can be at the output of the "mixer" in order to analyze the main constituents for all the batches (imagine, you have all the production under control).
Another application in the mixer could be the correct control for the homogenization of the ingredients.
Controlling the moisture in the mixer is also important in order to get a final product (pellet) not too dry or too wet.
They are not easy tasks, but think about the jump in quality control.

Anyway NIR lab instrumentation is a reality from long time ago, and NIR process control of the factories is on the way to be.

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