28 sept. 2012

How to apply discriminant analysis in ISI Scan 4.xx

This video is part of a presentation I´m prepairing about the use of discriminant analysis in Win ISI 4, and their aplication in ISI Scan 4.

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  1. Dear Jose, I'm trying to create a calibration set for a prediction model, using only spectral data colected with ISIScan. I found that there are algorithms in R that allow to do this, but is it possible to process spectral data exported form ISIScan (often with .cal extension) with R? I thank you in advance for any information. Best regards, Agustín

    1. Do you have Win ISI? This way you can export the ".cal" files to ".txt" or ".xls" and import them into R.

    2. Jose, thank you for your answer. I don't have Win ISI, only ISI Scan (that I believe that only allows export extensions .nir and .cal). Regards, Agustín

    3. There is one way to export every spectrum you acquire to a folder an from there you can prepare a TXT file merging all, because there is a TXT file for each spectrum.
      Configure the System profile for automatic export and in the Product Profile active the Export Spectrum box.
      I think I have a post explaining this.
      Let me know if you need more explanations.
      The problem is that you can't export the spectra acquired before activating this option.

    4. Jose, thank you for your answer. I'll be trying this. Best regards, Agustín