6 ago. 2013

Calibrating and validating with VISION (a quick view)

This is a quick exercise about how to use VISION to develop a Regression and to validate it with an independent test file.
I used in this case the Shootout files from 2002, where we have the same samples for calibration scanned in two instruments (same type), this files are CALIBRA1 (scanned in Instrument 1) and CALIBRA2 (scanned in instrument 2).
We have  another sample set for testing the calibration, TEST1 (test samples scanned in Instrument 1) and TEST2 (test samples scanned in Instrument 2). The idea of the Shootout exercise was to develop a calibration in Instrument 1 and transfer this calibration to Instrument 2, the best way possible.
In this exercise I just develop a PLS calibration with the CALIBRA1 and test it with TEST 1, but how this calibration performs with TEST2, we will see it in other post.

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  1. what is the name of thid package and how we can install it

    1. Hi,
      This software is called Vision and is used for NIR instruments for NIR Systems specially in the Pharma and Chemical Industry.from some time ago it is commercialized by Methrom, which acquires the Pharma and Indu division from FOSS some years ago.
      I used quite often in the past, and it is a nice program for identification, qualification and quantification.