25 oct. 2012

Shootout 2012 files

Visit the shootout-2012 webpage, to get the files and practice chemometrics with softwares like Unscrambler, Vision, Matlab, WinISI,...
Data is also in ASCII format so we can import it into programs like R.
This is a tradicional event of the IDRC (International Diffuse Reflectance Conference), which takes place every two years al Chambersburg - Pennsylvania (USA).
Participants work with the data in order to get the better statistic and originals approachs. This year the data is spectra of pharmaceutical tablets.
Participants get a Training Set, a Test Set (with Lab data), and a Validation Set without lab data and a Validation Set without Lab values.
After the model was created, validation file is predicted and the results send to shootout chair for evaluation with a presentation of the approach used.

Karl Norris (IDRC-2012)

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