22 mar. 2012

Export from ISI Scan / Importing into "R"

Some software’s like ISI Scan (Infrasoft International) have a nice feature to export in an ASCII file the spectral data. Every time we analyze a sample in routine, one file with the spectral data of that sample is sent to a folder we have configure previously.
This post was written after checking this point and after that I have imported the spectrum into “R”.
To configure the product to export spectra:

After some preparation of the  file and some work in "R", we can see and work with the spectra. We have seen in previous post how to read file into R with for example: "read.table".

3 comentarios:

  1. How can you export to ascii from isiscan?

    1. Joao I add again the picture with this option maked in yellow.
      Acidently I have lost many pictures of the old posts, so I have fix this one.

  2. In ISI Scan, at the product configuration , there is a box you can check to activate the spectrum export ("Automatic Spectrum Export"), this way every spectrum is scaned is exproted to ASCII in a folder configured in "System Profile". You have to merge all the spectra later, because you have one file for every spectra.