16 ago. 2018

Checking the slopes in Validation Groups

This is an study to develop calibrations for meat in a reflectance instrument from 1100 to 1650 nm. Normally meat are measured in transmitance but this is an approach to do it in reflectance.
I have just 64 samples with fat laboratory data. I split the spectra into 4 sets of 16 samples and merge 3 of leaving the other three for external validation. So I have 48 samples for training and 16 for validation and I can develop four calibrations and validate with 4 external sets.
Considering that we have few samples are in the training set, I have to use few terms. The SEPs for external or Cross Validation are quite high , but the idea here is to see the changes in the slope for the four validation sets.
The reason is that we have few samples and the slope value will stabilize as soon as more samples are included into the calibration and validation sets.
To improve the SEP we have to check the sample presentation method for this product and the procedure to obtain the laboratory reference method.

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