13 jul. 2018

Validating Resemble Model with Monitor function

Continuing with this post evaluating the LOCAL model developed in Resemble. This time I use the Monitor function (one of the Monitor functions I am developing).

I create different subsets from the validation sample set for the different categories, In this case is for one time of puppies, and I am evaluating the moisture content. We can see that there are two outliers that increase the SEP, so we have to see if we remove this samples for some reasons.

Let´s validate first with this type of puppy subset and check the statistics:

> val1.moi.pup1<-subset(val1.moi,ID1u_moi=="PUPPY-1")
> val1.moi.pup1<-cbind.data.frame(val1.moi.pup1$Sample.u_moi, 
+                                 val1.moi.pup1$Yu_moi, 
+                                 val1.moi.pup1$predicted.moi.local)
> monitor10c24xyplot(val1.moi.pup1)

Samples with the Sample IDs 463 y 456 are out of the action limits and the monitor function shows their position in the table:
$ResWarning [1] id ref pred res <0 rows> (or 0-length row.names) $ResAction id ref pred res 34 456 3.7 7.793351 -4.093351 32 463 4.9 7.881543 -2.981543

Now we can remove this samples knowing their position and recalculate:

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