7 abr. 2016

Reviewing some posts (Fatty Acids with R)

Thanks to Christof for his e-mail, and their interest in this blog. I know, like Christof ,other people would like to start the Tutorial about the NIT: Fatty Acids with R. 
I have sent in the past the "tocino6.txt" file by mail to some blog readers, but maybe I had not read (or I lost) some e-mails asking for the file, so if this is the case, please let me know it again and I will send you the file by e-mail or trough a link to a  Dropbox folder, where I will add the data of the tutorials or other information.
I deleted, also in the past some pictures accidentally, so I will review first the tutorials of the "NIT:Ftty Acids with R", and when ready I will write a post to the link of all the posts of these tutorial. Also a new label will be added to be easier to find them.
By the moment, the first three posts of this tutorial are ready with new features scripts and pictures, to everyone who wants to follow it.

NIT: Fatty acids study in R - Part 001
NIT: Fatty acids study in R - Part 002
NIT: Fatty acids study in R - Part 003
NIT: Fatty acids study in R - Part 004
NIT: Fatty acids study in R - Part 005

You would need the tocino6.txt file from post 1:5, after these posts we will validate the model eith the file "tocino6val5.txt" and we combine both in "tocino7.txt" to develop the final regression.
These files are available from Dropbox or I cand send tem by mail, just let me know your interest writing to me a mail: cuesta_joseramon@yahoo.es

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