15 may. 2012

Improving script_002: “Monitor”

I read in an article that Ian Cowe said that what normally chemometricians do is to look to the graphics, of course interpret those graphics. So I still go on trying to develop a function can help me to understand the graphics and all the statistics there are behind.
I add some more lines to the monitor function:
plot(x~y,main="X-Y plot",xlab="predicted",ylab="reference")
I can do the same for the residual plot.
There are two warning lines which advice if the residual exceeds 2,5*SEP value. That is the T value warning limit.
Another line can be add, called the T value action limit (3*SEP).
Graphics show the 0-1 abline (blue) and the calculated slope-intercept abline (red). Limits are with dashed red lines.
We can see that almost both lines red and blue are almost over-plotted in this case.

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