How it is made?
VIDEO: How it is made SUGAR  
  • Nutrient elements in sugar mill by products:
        • Mud generated during the clarification process rich in Ca (calcium) and P (phosphorous): min 5:11 of the video.
        • Boiler ash (residue generated after burning bagasse) is rich in K (Potassium) and Si (Silicon). 
          • Nir News Vol 23 No.1 January/February 2012

VIDEO: How it is made OLIVE OIL
  • When olives comes to the "Almazara", is important to know the moisture, oil and acidity of the olives. Olives are milled prepairing a sample and it is analyzed by NIR.

VIDEO: How it is made CANOLA OIL

VIDEO: How it is made BIOETHANOL
VIDEO: How it is made CORN WHISHEY
VIDEO: How it is made ICE CREAM
VIDEO: How it is made PASTA
  • Analysis of the wheat before milling to control specially the Moisture, Protein,...
    Analysis of the pasta, where the control of the ash is important apart from moisture and protein.
VIDEO: How it is made BREAD
VIDEO: How it is made FLOUR 
  • Analysis of the wheat before milling to control specially the Moisture, Protein,...
  • During the process, we can control the protein, moisture,gluten, ash,water absortion,.....
  • Some screening calibrations can be developed for reologycal parameters as W, Falling Number,.....

VIDEO: How it is made CEREALS
VIDEO: How it is made POTATO CHIPS
VIDEO: How it is made DOG AND CAT FOOD

Campos donde se puede aplicar la tecnología NIR
Fields where we can apply NIR technology

Agricultura \ Agriculture
  • Wheat / Trigo: Se pueden desarrolar calibraciones para dar datos estimativos y alertar sobre valores fuera de lo normal en constituyentes importantes para la calidad del pan, como pueden ser el Falling Number o Indice de Caida, el Indice de Zeleny, la W (Fuerza), la P (Tenacidad),......
Análisis por NIR de materias primas en recepción para controlar parámetros de calidad (trigo, cebada, centeno, maíz, ....)
Industría Química \ Chemical Industry
Análisis por NIR de Indice de Hidroxilo en Polioles.

Industría Farmaceutica \ Pharmaceutical Industry
Identificación y cualificación de excipientes y principios activos por NIR.

Medio Ambiente

  1. Determination of caffeine in decaffeinated coffee by NIR spectroscopy
  2. Vibrational spectroscopy analysis of interactions between proteins, salts, and water.
  3. Near-Infrared spectroscopy for rapid estimation of dry matter content in whole unpeeled potato tubers.
  4. Characterising protein, salt and water interactions with combined vibrational spectroscopic techniques.
  5. Prediction of fat quality in pig carcasses by near-infrared spectoscropy.
  6. Fat distributional analysis in salmon fillets using non-contact NIRinteractance imaging.
  7. VIDEO: NIT Techlology to check pig carcass quality
  8. Evaluation of young tea shoots by NIR  Spectroscopy Europe VOL.23 NO.4 (2011)
  9. Boosting partial least-squares discriminant analysis with application to near infrared spectroscopic tea variety discrimination
  10. Análisis por NIR de pasta de aceituna para determinar su rendimiento (grasa, humedad, acidez).
  11. Análisis por NIR de aceites (oliva, girasol,......)
  12. Análisis por NIR de harinas (parámetros químicos y reológicos)
  13. NIR Analysis of Soluble and Insoluble Dietary Fiber Fractions of Cereal Food Products
  14. Use of Near Infrared Spectroscopy to discriminate Pink Lady® and Golden Delicious apples after different storage protocols

Alimentación animal.
Análisis por NIR de Materias Primas utilizadas en la fabricación de piensos:
Harinas de carne: Proteína, Humedad, Grasa y Cenizas

NIR in bioreactor performance monitoring - Spectroscopy Europe VOL.23 NO.3 (2011)
Protein concentration prediction in cell cultures  - Spectroscopy Europe VOL.23 NO.3 (2011)
Fecal Near Infrared Spectroscopy to Discriminate Physiological Status in Giant Pandas


Madera \ Wood
Estimation of mechanical stresses of wood with FT-NIR

Estimation of mechanical stresses of wood with FT-NIR



Mining mineral analysis using near-infrared technology: Don't laugh until you've tried it!